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Canada Immigration News from the CIC press release released on 25 April 2023

Canada Immigration News from the CIC press release released on 25/04/2023 
Good day ladies and gentlemen, this is IRC news and I am Joy Stephen, an authorized Canadian Immigration practitioner bringing out this special edition of Immigration news from CIC press release, . This news was released by the government on 25/04/2023. I am coming to you from the Polinsys studios in Cambridge, Ontario. Today is the 26/04/2023 
Canada to provide support to Sudanese nationals: Press release from the Canadian Immigration Department 
Canada continues to call for an end to violence in Sudan and stands with the Sudanese people as they strive for peace. We are deeply concerned for the safety of people in the area, and understand that some Sudanese nationals in Canada may wish to temporarily extend their stay here rather than return home at this time. 
Today, the Honourable Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, announced the Government of Canada will introduce new immigration measures to support Sudanese temporary residents who are currently in Canada and may be unable to return home due to the rapidly deteriorating situation in their country. 
Once these measures are in place, Sudanese nationals can apply for an extension of their status in Canada and move between temporary streams, allowing them to continue studying, working or visiting family free of charge. These measures would help ensure the continued safety of the Sudanese population already in Canada, keep families together, and give them a safe place to stay. Details will be made available in the days ahead. 
The situation in Sudan is constantly evolving, and movement within the country continues to be difficult and dangerous, which has an impact on our ability to process new applications at the current time. To facilitate immigration applications for those still in Sudan so they can travel once it’s safe to do so, the Government of Canada will also prioritize the processing of completed temporary and permanent residence applications already in the system from people still in the country. This includes visitor visa applications for eligible immediate family members of Canadian citizens and Canadian permanent residents, so they can join their loved ones here. 
Canada will also waive passport and permanent resident travel document fees for citizens and permanent residents of Canada in Sudan who wish to leave. 
This builds on Government of Canada work to explore options regarding departure assistance in collaboration with like-minded countries and the international community for as soon as conditions allow. Canadians in Sudan should check as often as possible for updates and sign up with the Government of Canada’s Registration of Canadians Abroad service. 
Canadians wishing to leave Sudan should contact Global Affairs Canada’s Emergency Watch and Response Centre 
by calling +1 613-996-8885 
by text message at +1 613-686-3658 
via WhatsApp at +1 613-909-8881 
via Telegram at Canada Emergency Abroad 
by email at

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